Pamper your shoes with Save Your Sole

Buy coloured soles to match your designer heels or order a ‘shoe hotel’ to store your collection...

Just like us, shoes need a bit of pampering from time to time. So we’re loving cool new shoe care company Save Your Sole.

Providing a clever solution for giving your old heels, boots and flats a new lease of life, the company has just been launched by Amanda Collins, an ex-banker with a serious heel habit.

She provides an array of Italian coloured rubber soles that you can have fitted by your cobbler.

As well as red soles for reviving your Louboutins, there’s a selection of other shades – navy, cream, grey, black and white – to suit wardrobe favourites from your vintage Ferragamos to this season’s Acne wedges.

We’re also totally obsessed by Save Your Sole’s ‘Shoe Hotels’ – specially-designed shoe storage units that you can order via the site.

A tall free-standing closet with racks for heels and a cupboard underneath for flats, they’re available in various combos and sizes, depending on how many shoes you want to store. That’ll be a Mariah Carey-style special order for us, then…

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