Demand for cheap clothes surges

Bargain clothes sale soar, despite ethical concerns

Despite an increased awareness for the ethical issues they incur, the demand for cheap clothing has continued to grow.

The Guardian has reported that a new report from analysts Mintel will reveal that the market for bargain clothing outlets, such as Primark, Matalan and Peacocks has increased its market share to £6.3bn in the last five years.

This growth accounts for a 45% increase, making the cheap clothing industry grow at double the speed of the rest of the market.

The report states that although concerns have grown regarding the ethnic cost of cheap clothing, over a third of all adults admitted that they bought from bargain stores.

With the demand continuing, analysts predict a further 45% growth by 2012.

The news comes as Asda announced last week that they would sell a complete work outfit for just £5. This follows their £60 wedding dress, a £15 men’s suit and a £35 tuxedo.

Click here to see Asda’s £5 work outfit.

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