Asda launches mid-size jean

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  • Asda ditches traditional sizing to launch jeans in sizes 11, 13 and 15

    It’s a common fashion complaint: you try on one size and it’s a touch too small, but then the next size up is that bit too big. Well, now Asda claims to have solved this age-old fashion dilemma, with the launch of the mid-size jean.

    With jeans being one of the most fit-sensitive garments, Asda discovered that almost two-thirds of women thought themselves to be between sizes.

    And so it has come up with a solution. Its new line of denim, launching in stores this week, comes in sizes 11, 13 and 15. Costing just £12, the jeans promise to be the answer for anyone who has ever struggled with traditional ‘even’ sizes.

    The research which sparked this innovative new line was conducted by University College London. The study enlisted over 11,000 participants, measuring them on 3D bodyscanners.

    The findings were conclusive – not only had body shape shifted dramatically in the past 50 years, but many British women no longer considered themselves to be a set size.

    Fiona Lambert, brand director at George, Asda’s fashion label, commented to the Daily Telegraph, ‘One of the most common complaints from our customers is that they are in between sizes. We all know there is nothing more unflattering than a pair of jeans that are too tight or loose. We aim to solve this dilemma with our mid-sized jeans.’

    If the range is a hit with the public, then expect traditional sizing to quickly become a thing of the past. Good work, Asda!

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