Topshop recreates legendary Helmut Newton machines

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  • Topshop launches exclusive Helmut Newton collaboration

    New this week, Topshop has launched a collaboration with the Helmut Newton Foundation, in which the iconic photographer’s work is on display at the flagship Oxford Circus store.

    Not only will visitors have the opportunity to view Newton’s legendary photographs, but they can also create some themselves, with the Newton Machine, a technique developed by the photographer himself in the early 1970s.

    Newton created the device in an attempt to capture images of how his subjects viewed themselves. The device worked by putting the sitter in control, able to check their pose in a mirror set up by the camera, and take the image with a remote trigger.

    The recreated machine is set up in a bespoke photographic studio in store, customers will have the opportunity to step into the machine and take self portraits, which then will be exhibited in store, and on, and can also be uploaded to Facebook.

    In a note from 1972 Newton explained, ‘Lately a new fashion had developed among the young fashion photographers, many of them live with their favourite model and only photograph her. Often the models are much better at their job than their boyfriends. It shows in the pictures. This gave me an idea: I have had a machine built, which is hooked up to a motor driven camera.’

    To take your own image, make your way to the Oxford Circus store until 15th June, or visit the machine in Dublin and Manchester from 17-22nd June.

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