Got Crocs? Careful on that escalator

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  • Crocs-related accidents prompt warning signs on US subway

    They were the surprise hit of the summer but it seems Crocs, the plastic shoes that wearers say are as a comfortable as they are ugly, might be about to fall from grace.

    Reports have been emerging from the US, Singapore and Japan about Croc wearers getting their brightly-coloured, clog-like shoes caught in escalators – sometimes with serious results.

    While the fashion police might question their stylishness, sales of Crocs have rocketed across the world thanks in part to endorsement from famous folk including Jack Nicholson, Kate Middleton, and even George Bush.

    The Colorado-based company, which only started five years ago, reported last month that sales had jumped by 162% to £110million in spring and early summer this year.

    But according to the Daily Telegraph, tales of Crocs-related accidents are increasing. In one incident in June, a three-year-old boy wearing Crocs suffered a deep gash across the top of his toes on an Atlanta escalator, while in Singapore, a two-year-old girl reportedly had her big toe ripped off in an escalator accident last year while wearing rubber clogs.

    The authorities in Washington DC are so concerned that they have put up warning notices about wearing the shoes on escalators, while American Girl, an upmarket US toy store chain, has signs warning Crocs-wearers to use the lifts instead of escalators.

    Crocs says its shoes are ‘completely safe’ and has suggested the accidents are due to badly-maintained escalators. But the company is working with the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation on ‘public education initiatives’.

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