Lily Allen 100k shopping bill

Revealed: Lily spends thousands in 2008 on designer threads

Lily Allen’s penchant for designer labels cost her a whopping £100,000 in 2008.

Speaking to The New York Times, the outspoken star happily revealed the sum, calling to her assistant, ‘How many hundreds of thousands of pounds did I spend on clothes?’ during the interview.

‘Can we say?’ Ms. Silverthorn, the assistant replied. ‘I think you’ll be all right about it because it’s clothing and jewellery. About £100,000.’

So what has Lily been splashing the cash on? Opening up her bulging wardrobe to the paper, she described ‘From here to here is my Chanel section. It’s awesome, isn’t it?’

The interviewer also notes various boxes of Louboutins, Louis Vuitton heels and a six-foot stack of trainers.

Oh, to be a celebrity!

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