Vertical stripes are a no-no

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  • Wearing horizontal stripes is actually more slimming, say scientists

    It’s the number one rule of the fashion style bible – horizontal stripes make you look big, vertical ones slim you down.

    Or so we thought. Now scientists have slammed the theory following new research suggesting ladies have been misled and in fact, the opposite is the case: vertical stripes are a fashion faux pas.

    A study saw volunteers look at 200 pairs of images of women wearing a mixture of stripy outfits to determine which looked slimmer.

    Those wearing horizontal stripes were judged to be slimmer-looking by a margin of 6%.

    Research leader, Dr Peter Thompson commented on the findings saying: ‘I think we’ve got it wrong as a society and I’ve no idea how we got the idea that vertical stripes are slimming,’ he told the British Association for the Advancement of Science in Liverpool.

    Although vertical stripes have been panned, Dr Thompson did say the theory that wearing black is slimming, still stands up. ‘Wearing black is a good thing,’ he said. ‘That one works. We looked at a black circle on a white background and a white circle on a black background. The black circle looked smaller than the white one.’

    Our verdict? Don’t throw your nautical stripes out just yet…

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