Tangled Up by Girls Aloud

by Jennie McNulty

Marie Claire music review: Tangled Up by Girls Aloud

A high-octane pop fest from the girls we've come to know and love

The success of Girls Aloud has been unprecedented – so much so that you can easily forget their manufactured pop heritage. They have had more consecutive top ten singles (16) than any other female group in history – yes, even the Spice Girls.

The group owes a lot to their collaboration with producers Xenomania, who consistently embrace the girl's feisty and fun personalities and translate them into innovative and mature pop tunes.

So Tangled Up, their forth album, has a lot to live up to. The two singles are brilliant. Sexy! No, no, no….is what we have come to expect; a thumping dance track with a twist and new single Call The Shots has a wonderfully ambient feel, echoing an arty electro band.

Without a ballad in sight, be prepared for the the girls' high-energy pop stomp, sampling a medley of music styles - from a drum and bass riff of What You Crying For - to a glam rock drum beat on I'm Falling.

Although a highly competent pop anthology, Tangled Up lacks the true innovation of their past albums. The girls had a chance to turn it up a knotch, but chose to stay in familiar territory, leaving you to feel this doesn't quite hit the mark.

* * *

Tangled Up is out now


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