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The Tools All Women Need To Feel Body Confident

From asset-boosting bras to leg-lengthening heels, all of us need a few fashion and beauty heroes to help us feel body confident. Introducing our Top Five Feel-Good Fixers…

10 Best Runway AW15 quotes

The 10 Best Quotes From Marie Claire Runway's AW15 Issue

The wait is over - it's time to tackle the new season with confidence, because Marie Claire Runway's AW15 issue is out today! From Olivier Rousteng's selfie tips to Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's advice on styling upholstery prints, here's a little teaser of some of the issue's best gems...

Estee Lauder Jet-lag_Thumb

5 Jet-Lag Beauty Busters

Travelling across time zones plays havoc with our body clocks and long haul flights leave us feeling dehydrated, bloated and sluggish. The result? We arrive bleary-eyed, spending the first few days feeling like the hangover from hell is slowly descending. Well, not any more… here’s how to look jet-set rather than jet-lagged so you get your holiday off to a brilliant start


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