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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

SS16: Your Fashion Week Need-To-Know

Another round of fashion shows, another chance for the designers to play musical chairs. Here’s everything you need to know about the SS16 fashion weeks…

The Distinct Bangle Thumb

Transitional Jewellery That Will Take You Through The Seasons in Style

Every jewellery fan knows that each of the seasons call for something that bit different from the jewellery box; while the summer is all about layering warm golden tones and summoning an ethereal vibe via stacking rings and bangles, the winter months need plenty of sparkle to capture every last drop of light. But what about those pieces that take you through from season to season?

Mix-And-Match Thumb

Mix-And-Match: The Must-Try Jewellery Trend You’ll Love

The jewellery rules are changing, or perhaps 'loosening' would be the best way to describe it. While once it was all about wearing jewellery piece by piece and in matching sets, now we’re seeing a trend for combining multiple pendants, rings and bracelets in a game of mix-and-match, and we like it.

Miranda Kerr and Swarovski_ Thumb

Miranda Kerr and Swarovski: A Match Made In Heaven

While it would've been difficult not to have noticed that Miranda Kerr has acted as the face of Swarovski for the past three seasons - such is the Australian beauty's spellbinding effect - what you'd be forgiven for not knowing is that the brand muse has been working behind the scenes creating two very special jewellery collections.


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