Posh’s LA secrets

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  • Posh reveals her LA secrets here

    With Hollywood heavyweights like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in her corner, you’d think Posh would be getting used to LA royalty – but, she admits, meeting Julia Roberts left her a ‘quivering wreck’.

    The Spice Girl met the superstar actress at a Giorgio Armani party in New York last week.

    And, speaking to the Mirror, she said of the meeting: ‘What do you do when you meet someone like Julia Roberts? She’s a legend. There was a red carpet line-up and as I came to greet her, I found myself bending to curtsy.

    ‘”I was like, f*** that’s Julia Roberts!

    ‘Incredibly, she knew who David and I were and we got on really well. She’s very down-to earth. We’re both mums with young children, so we had a lot to talk about. We’ve swapped numbers and I’m looking forward to catching up with her again.’

    Posh can also add George Clooney – ‘a real gentleman and absolutely hilarious. He has a great sense of humour’ – to her long list of celebrity friends. But, when it was suggested that George might be better looking than David she laughed: ‘I think David is better looking than him. Definitely.’

    But it’s not just the stars who Posh hangs out with in LA. ‘Most of my friends in LA, like Katie Holmes and Kate Beckinsale, all have children so we get together and do very normal things.

    ‘It’s not just celebrities I hang out with though. I’ve become really good friends with the mums from my sons’ school as well.’

    The star parents are very hands-on when it comes to the kids.

    ‘David and I are always in the school. We go and serve up hot lunches. It’s the same food we used to get at school – turkey twizzlers. I go on the school trips, too.

    ‘We turn up and get really hands-on. Romeo had to do ‘What my parents do’ day recently. We both sign up for everything at the school. We had a cake-baking day as well.

    ‘They love it when Mummy and Daddy turn up to serve lunch. My parents do it and David’s mum has done it, too. I’d rather go to Pumpkin Patch at school than dinner at the Ivy.’

    Victoria, who’s in town to promote her new line of denim at Harrods, also denied that she hung out with Tom Cruise so she could break into movies. She confirmed that she’s been offered numerous cameo roles – including one in the new Sex and the City movie – which she had turned down.

    She said: ‘I’m a terrible actress. Everyone thinks I’m only friends with Tom and Katie to be in a movie but it’s not true. I’ve turned down lots of roles.

    ‘I love Sex And The City and I’m going to arrange a girlie night to watch the film. But I’m happy doing what I’m doing right now.

    ‘I’ve never had so many career opportunities in my life. I’ve finally found something I’m really good at and I love it.’


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