Victoria Beckham has an astounding number of engagement rings in her collection

She'll never be short of options

Victoria Beckham's engagement rings
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Since their self-titled docu-series Beckham landed on Netflix last week, David and Victoria Beckham have been making headlines - be it for the iconic style moments that we needed reminding of (matching purple wedding outfits and sarong-gate, to name a few) or the meaning behind their daughter Harper Seven's name

In the four part series the couple candidly opened up about the infamous 2004 affair allegations, and how they have weathered difficulties throughout their 24 year marriage. 

David and Victoria met in 1997, while he was a rising star at Manchester United and she was a world-famous Spice Girl. They married in 1999, four months after welcoming their first child Brooklyn. And it seems that over the last two and a half decades, Victoria has amassed quite the ring collection. In fact, she is said to have not one but 15 engagement rings. 

When the couple first got engaged in 1998, David gifted Victoria a marquise-cut diamond on a simple gold band. Three years later, the popstar-turned-designer had swapped the large diamond for an sparkling eternity band instead. Then, between 2003 and 2019 she added a whopping nine rings to her collection, per Elle

Victoria and David Beckham's engagement

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The styles of jewellery have undoubtedly changed over the years. In the early noughties Victoria opted for much more extravagant styles, including an enormous emerald-cut diamond, a pink oval diamond with a diamond-set platinum band, an even more enormous pear-cut diamond, and a yellow diamond on a pave band between two sparkling eternity bands.  

Victoria Beckham engagement rings

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By 2007, she was showing off an unmissable emerald enveloped by - you guessed it - more diamonds, followed by a new emerald-cut 15 carat diamond, before leaning back into the colour-pops with a huge ruby and later a sapphire. 

Victoria Beckham engagement rings

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But by the end of the decade, Victoria had pared back her statement style noticeably and was wearing a simpler oval-cut diamond on a thin gold band. 

Her return to bolder pieces didn't take long, however, and from 2015 to 2018 she was spotted wearing a large round-cut diamond, an oval moonstone, a sparkling square diamond and a square yellow diamond.

Well - that's quite the collection!

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