Woody Harrelson makes public call for green activism

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  • Actor Woody Harrelson calls for green activism at media conference

    WOODY HARRELSON HAS called for more anti-oil activism at a media and technology conference in Amsterdam.

    The White Men Can’t Jump star was attending the Picnic conference, a green-themed event, which sees Virgin boss Richard Branson awarding $700,000 to the winning idea for an environmental project.

    A vegetarian and activist himself (he was arrested in 1996 after scaling the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco as a protest to save redwood trees in Northern California), Harrelson declined to say how far he would go, but made his anti-oil stance clear.

    ‘In spite of the fact that there’s an increase in awareness of what’s going on in terms of polar ice caps melting and just global warming generally … oil companies don’t seem to be making much of a change,’ the 46-year-old stated.

    ‘Certainly (oil companies) just want to get as much out of the ground and make as much money as possible before they transition into anything else,’ he added. ‘So I still think it’s time for some strong activism, especially as it relates to our dependency on oil.’

    The actor, once nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his role in 1996 movie The People vs. Larry Flint, led numerous yoga sessions at the conference, and shrugged off criticism that he should stick to the day job.

    ‘To me, an artist has almost kind of a better vantage point, certainly (compared with) politicians, who have their corporate people that they’re connected to, or to industry, who obviously have their reasons for feeling the way they feel,’ he said.

    ‘An artist that doesn’t have any entanglements, or people helping him decide which way to think, has a pretty clear perspective.’

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