Winehouse addicted to Hole In The Wall

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  • Amy Winehouse demands appearance on BBC1 game show Hole In The Wall

    Amy Winehouse has made herself bizarre goal for the New Year: she wants to go on the BBC1 game show, Hole In The Wall.

    Due to countless personal problems, the troubled singer has had a lot of time on her hands this year and has become a big fan of the cringe-worthy Saturday night programme.

    If you haven’t heard of Hole In The Wall, let us fill you in.

    Four, usually quite desperate and pathetic, Z-listers join the team captains, Anton du Beke and Darren Gough, to contort and mould themselves through cut-out shapes in a foam wall.

    If they don’t manage to fit through the hole, the moving blockade pushes them into a pool of cold water.

    This is all done whilst wearing the most unflattering silver Lycra bodysuits imaginable.

    Sounds glamorous, doesn’t it?

    Apparently the Back to Black singer is so keen to take part, she’s even approached the show’s producers.

    ‘Amy is addicted to Hole In The Wall. She reckons it’s the greatest TV show she’s seen in years,’ a pal told The Sun.

    ‘She thinks the show is an absolute hoot and has asked producers if she can star in an upcoming episode.’

    ‘They’re giving it some thought but are understandably in two minds as to whether a junkie, wrapped in silver, jumping through holes will go down well with the prime-time viewing public,’ the source added.

    We reckon it’ll make excellent viewing, if only for the chance to see what that almighty beehive looks like when it’s wet!


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