Tom and Katie death threats

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes living in fear after ‘death threats’

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are said to be living in fear after receiving death threats from an anti-Scientology group.

Tom is reportedly so concerned that he’s alerted the FBI – and stepped up security for him and his family, wife Katie Holmes and their two-year-old daughter Suri.

The couple now allegedly live at separate locations and drive around in bomb-proof vehicles.

The actor also seems to have provoked a not altogether positive reaction with his portrayal of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg – who was at the centre of the 1944 plot by Nazi officers to assassinate Adolf Hitler – in the film Valkyrie.

Cruise attended its LA premiere last week, which was targeted by protesters from the anti-Scientology group Anonymous, and has since been forced to step up security.

The star is due to fly to London for the UK premiere on 21 January, but a source told the Daily Mail: ‘Tom is terrified. He doesn’t feel safe anywhere.’

It’s not the first time Cruise has been under attack: in August, threats were made to place anthrax in the air vents of his Los Angeles office, and he’s spent £5million on an underground bunker in the grounds of his estate in Colorado.

Meanwhile, on a lighter note, Tom has revealed he’s after Brad and Angelina’s ‘biggest brood’ title, saying he’d like ten children.

He told The Sun: ‘I want ten children. I love kids. I feel really fortunate to have the teenagers and a two and a half-year-old. It’s a great dynamic.’

He also revealed the 16-year age gap between him and his ‘charming, beautiful’ wife Katie Holmes is not an issue, adding: ‘If I’m worried about anything, it’s if she can keep up with me. I’m very active.’


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