Take That: Our guilt over Robbie

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  • Bandmates confess they should have seen meltdown signs

    Take That have confessed they feel guilty for failing to notice the wheels falling off Robbie Williams’ life.

    But they insisted they want to make it up to him – and have repeated their plea for him to come back to the group.

    Even Robbie’s biggest nemesis in the band, Gary Barlow, admits there was a ‘series of events we should have spotted’, before Robbie went off the rails and quit the band in 1995.

    He added: ‘That’s my one regret. I missed the signs. I think we all did.’

    And, in their interview with Q magazine, the lads concurred. Howard Donald said: ‘I spoke to Rob about it last summer. I said I was sorry I never took the time to notice he was drinking a bottle of vodka a day.

    We smoked weed and giggled like idiots. Before Take That I dabbled with drugs, watching Sasha DJ in Ashton-under-Lyne. LSD mainly.

    ‘I feel quite proud now I don’t take drugs and hardly drink.

    ‘But Robbie was different. He has a more addictive personality, maybe, and he was unhappy.’

    Mark Owen chimed in: ‘Sometimes we’d joke and say we wanted to be in Oasis. But he actually did want to be in Oasis. I feel a bit guilty now that I wasn’t mature enough to hear his cries.’

    Gary added: ‘Rob would go to Dublin or somewhere and get off his head. Then he’d come home and say: “I haven’t slept for two days.”

    ‘He didn’t want to go home and face his mum so he’d come to me first.

    ‘He’s one of us still, so I feel sorry for him and my natural instinct is to help him. His life could be better.’

    And the boys say they’d love to have him back.

    Jason said: ‘The Happy Ending track was a good opportunity.

    Let’s get him back as quickly as possible.’

    While Howard agreed, saying: ‘I think it will happen one day.’

    But what does boss Gary think? ‘I don’t think the way for him to come back would be the stage shows. If I wanted Rob to do something again it would be on a creative level.’

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