Steve Carell interview

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  • Hollywood's funny man, Steve Carell, turns leading man in his latest spoof movie, Get Smart

    Did you worry about the responsibility of taking on a leading man role?

    Until you said that, no. I think of it as more of an honour. I never thought I’d be sitting here at the end of a European press tour for a movie that seems to be doing well internationally. It’s a joy; I don’t see it as a burden.

    You dance Anne off the floor in one scene, did the moves require much practice?

    We were rehearsing on the fly all the time. All the way through filming – in auto parks, shops, the middle of fields – any time we could get a couple of minutes to rehearse and a flat surface, we’d be there.

    So who was the better action star?

    There was one sequence when I saw raw footage of what I thought was Anne’s stunt double, having a fight sequence and at the very end she turned to camera and it was Anne. It was truly impressive. I think Anne has a big future in action movies – she’s a natural.

    You got to kiss two of your co-stars in the film – Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) and Anne. Which was the more pleasurable?

    They were both delightful, I think I’ll be the envy of many men and women across the globe. Dwayne has extremely well-developed lips because he is a physical specimen and Anne just has a different set…

    There’s a bizarre cameo from Bill Murray as an agent hiding inside a tree..

    What was more bizarre was how we got him to be in the movie. Bill doesn’t have an agent or a manager and no one really knows his phone number. We had a long list of potentials – from George Clooney to Harrison Ford – but our costume designer was friends with Bill so called him up and he just showed up one day for filming.  That was a big deal for me, he’s a comedy hero and lives up to every expectation you have of him.

    You’ve made a lot of comedies, are you ever afraid of being typecast?

    No, I’m always amazed that I’m employed and if I can continue to get work that’s my main goal. I never want to approach something in order to not be typecast, I hope I can choose things based on whether they’re good, or entertaining or fun to do.
    I’m very lucky to have worked with some pretty remarkable actors – Juliette Binoche, Alan Arkin, Catherine Keener. Those people frankly make me look better than I am.

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