Paul McCartney: I won’t bow to Heather’s demands

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  • Paul McCartney determined not to meet Heather's demands

    Sir Paul McCartney is said to be ‘grimly determined’ not to cave in to Heather Mills’ demands as their divorce battle gets underway this week.

    The musician’s friends have reported that he is truly sorry the battle now has to be settled by a judge – but that his decision to stick to his guns is resolute.

    As the pair faced each other in court for the first day of their divorce battle yesterday, one friend said: ‘It gives Paul no pleasure to have to go through this.

    ‘Not only for his sake but for Heather’s too. She wanted her day in court and now she’s got it.

    ‘He’s more sorry than angry – but he will not be making any concessions. He always wanted their divorce to be conducted quietly and with dignity and Heather was not prepared to allow that.

    ‘Now he wants it to be sorted out through the proper channels – and unfortunately for both of them, that is in court.’

    Heather arrived for the hearing in London’s Royal Courts of Justice in a striped grey suit and, oddly, boots by Paul’s designer daughter, Stella.

    The ex-model was accompanied by her make-up artist Mark Payne, personal trainer Ben Amigoni, and sister Fiona Mills.

    Heather, who is representing herself after sacking her legal team, is thought to have begun the private hearing by laying claim to Macca’s £825 million fortune.

    But friends of Heather last night insisted money is not the main motive for her wanting to go to court.

    Her former publicist Phil Hall said: ‘Money is not her motivation. She simply feels that there is injustice here, that her life was wrecked by marriage to Paul McCartney.’

    Mr Hall said he believed Heather would represent herself well.

    He added: ‘I think she can control her emotions and I think she will be very cool, calm and focused.’

    The hearing in front of Judge Justice Bennett is scheduled to run for five days. The estranged couple tried to reach a settlement at a Financial Dispute Resolution hearing in October but failed to see eye-to-eye.

    One of the sticking points is said to be Heather’s desire to talk about their four-year marriage.

    Paul is determined to have a confidentiality clause included in any settlement.

    Unless either Heather or Macca has an abrupt change of heart, Judge Bennett will decide after listening to submissions exactly how much of the singer’s fortune Heather is entitled to. His decision is unlikely to be made public.

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