Madonna and A-Rod text threats

A-Rod's wife threatens to release Madonna text messages

The heartbroken wife of baseball star Alex Rodriguez as threatened to release text messages he sent to Madonna.

Cynthia Rodriguez as hit A-Rod with a £50 million divorce battle after his burgeoning friendship with Madonna became the ‘last straw’ for her in their marriage.

And now she is reportedly threatening to release copies of the text messages he sent Madonna into the public domain, according to The Sun.

One insider said: ‘They were instrumental in convincing her that he was besotted. The messages could be released if things get really ugly.’

Cynthia’s legal team say the association was not sexual, and Madonna, 49, denies an affair.

But a friend of New York Yankee star Alex, 32, recently revealed he acted like a ‘smitten schoolboy’ as he swapped texts with the singer while they were out for dinner.


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