Lily Allen: Barack Obama is really sexy

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  • Lily talks boys and her battle with the bulge

    Lily Allen has revealed she likes men ‘old and rich’ and confessed her latest crush: Barack Obama.

    She says of the new US President: ‘He’s amazing, so gorgeous and really sexy. I love him.’

    In her interview with The Sun, to promote her second album It’s Not Me, It’s You, Lily also revealed that she has a penchant for the older man – something we guessed recently when she enjoyed a fling with 45-year-old art dealer Jay Jopling.

    She explains: ‘It’s funny because my boyfriends have gone up in terms of age and how much money they make. Lester (Lloyd, her first proper boyfriend) was 20 and had no money, Seb (Chew, a record company exec) was 30 and had a bit more, Ed (Simons, of the Chemical Brothers) was 40 and had a bit more and Jay is nearly 50.

    ‘That means the next one’s probably gonna be 60. I like them old… and rich,’ she laughs.

    Lily seems to have a lot to smile about right now – her new single, The Fear, from the aforementioned second album, looks set to topple Lady GaGa from the top spot in the charts on Sunday, and the whole album has won rave reviews.

    And she attributes happiness, not ‘hypno-dieting’, to her recent weight loss, insisting she had hypnotherapy purely to stop smoking: ‘The only reason I’ve lost weight is because I comfort eat when I’m not very happy. The last two years, even though I had a lot of success with my first record, I was caning it, getting so drunk.

    ‘I was on tour with people I didn’t know and I was all around the world working really hard and was really confused and lonely. I was sitting in hotel rooms ordering chips.

    ‘Now I feel a lot happier about things and I’m excited about this new record.

    ‘People are being nice in the press and everything feels good so I’m probably not thinking about eating all the time.’

    But even Lily – who has her own home in West London and a costly addiction to designer clothes – says she’s feeling the credit crunch.

    ‘I’ve got to stop spending money. I’ll be skint soon. I’ve got to pay off my mortgage. I think I’ve gone into negative equity with my house.

    ‘That’s why I’m happy if my song is No.1 this weekend. But if it’s not, the fact that it’s had two weeks with No.1 airplay is more lucrative.’

    And there we were thinking it was all about the music, man.


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