Katherine Jenkins stalker fears

Katherine Jenkins contacts police over stalker fears

Katherine Jenkins has revealed she is being targeted by a stalker – and the ‘worried’ star has involved the police in the matter.

The 28-year-old singing sensation’s spokesman confirmed she had made a complaint about a stalker, but declined to give details over whether she was being targeted by a man or a woman, and what kind of unwanted attention she’d been receiving.

‘The matter is being dealt with at the moment,’ publicist Dan Deacon told the Daily Mail. ‘That is all I can say.’

Welsh-born Jenkins has amassed a fortune of £9 million as an opera singer, and is dating fellow Welshman, TV presenter Gethin Jones.

She said: ‘I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say right now. It is worrying, but it’s being dealt with at the moment.’

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