Jade Goody gets new miracle drug

Jade Goody's ray of hope as doctors give her new 'miracle drug'

Cancer-struck Jade Goody has been given a small ray of hope in her fight against the disease after doctors prescribed her a new ‘miracle drug’.

The 27-year-old, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer last August, revealed she has been given a two-month course of Topotecan after doctors confirmed her cancer had spread to her liver, bowel and groin.

The chemotherapy drug is still being tested in the UK, and is used by sufferers who do not respond to conventional treatment.

Jade told The Sun: ‘It has given me a glimmer of hope.’

The Big Brother star is said to have broken down and sobbed, ‘I don’t want to die‘, when doctors tragically informed her they are now working to prolong her life rather than attempting to cure the disease.

I am devastated. I am frightened and I am angry. I don’t want to die because I have so much to live for,’ Goody said.

‘The reality is I have gone from a 40% chance of a cure to seeing how long I can stay alive.’

Let’s hope the new treatment brings renewed vigour to her fight for life.

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