Girls Aloud in murder blog case

Man prosecuted over Girls Aloud 'rape and murder' blog

A civil servant has been prosecuted over writing a sick internet blog that detailed the kidnap, rape and murder of pop group Girls Aloud.

Darryn Walker, 35, from South Tyneside, was arrested earlier this year under the Obscene Publications Act for writing the 12-page Girls Scream Aloud online document.

The blog was brought to the attention of police by the Internet Watch Foundation, an organisation for the public that monitors obscene material.

A Scotland Yard spokeswoman described this as an unprecedented case, as it was unusual to see prosecution brought under obscenity laws that didn’t involve images, like pornography.

She told the BBC: ‘The vast majority of prosecutions brought under the Obscene Publications Act have related to images; be they photographs, be they computer-generated images, or videos.

‘It is very unusual to be prosecuted for a case involving the written word.

‘The test is whether the material is likely to deprave or corrupt those reading or viewing it.’

Darryn appeared in court on 10 July charged with the publication of an obscene article, and will appear again on 22 October.



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