Christian Bale apologises for ‘inexcusable’ rant

Bale: I'm sorry for 'inexcusable' outburst

Christian Bale has apologised for his foulmouthed rant on the set of Terminator 4, admitting that it was ‘inexcusable.’

The 35-year-old actor launched into a three-minute expletive-packed tirade after the film’s director of photography, Shane Hurlbut, walked into his eyeline during a take.

‘I know I have a potty mouth, everybody knows that now,’ he told LA’s KROQ radio station. ‘I was out of order beyond belief. I acted like a punk.

‘I regret that and there is nobody that has heard that tape that has been hit harder by it [than me].’

‘The thing that disturbs me so much is that I’ve heard a lot of people saying that I seem to think that I’m better than anybody else.

‘Nothing could be further from the truth. I am very lucky and that is why I put so much into what I do, and why I care so much about it and why sometimes my enthusiasm just goes awry.’

Talking about the spoof videos that have already been made of his outburst, Christian said: ‘Feel free to make fun of me – I deserve it.’

Click here to hear Christian Bale’s rant remixed as a dance song (WARNING: It contains very bad language)


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