Karl Lagerfeld's 25 Most Infamous Quotes

Becky Freeth
Becky Freeth

The outspoken designer has an opinion on everything. From children and Pippa Middleton to tattoos and Coco Chanel, there isn't a topic that has escaped his cutting wit.

1. On his expensive taste:

2. On his feelings after a fashion show:

3. On his motivation to lose weight:

4. On love:

5. On the use of fur in fashion:

6. On political correctness:

7. On never letting appearances slip:

8. On Coco Chanel:

9. On his infamous sunglasses:

10. On not wanting children:

11. On his iconic style:

12. On listening to other people:

13. On jogging bottoms:

14. On his cat, Choupette:

15. On fashion designers being too busy:

16. On tattoos:

17. On his diet and weight loss:

18. On his humility:

19. On his winning formula: '

20. On his ambition:

21. On his fashion staple:

22. On short, unattractive people: 

23. On making excuses for bad style: 

24. On the Middleton sisters:

25. On retirement

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