Paris, Lindsay, Nicole: The Movie?

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  • Producer hints at movie based on lives of Paris, Lindsay and Nicole

    They play their lives out in front of the world’s media, now Lindsay, Paris and Nicole’s up-and-down private lives could be turned in to a movie for our viewing pleasure.

    Joe Nasser, the executive producer behind the new Anna Nicole Smith movie, revealed today that he is on pre-production on a film called Hollywood Brats, which will be based on the real-life events of a trio of young celebrities who get themselves in to all sorts of scrapes.

    ‘It’s all about these girls in Hollywood getting into trouble,’ Nasser said. ‘You see them all go to jail, you see them get arrested, you see them go through trials and tribulations.’

    Sound familiar? Sure does. Nasser said the script will use the names of real celebrities, but he hasn’t yet revealed whether it will include Britney Spears, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton.

    But how can he get away with using real names and situations without the celebrities’ permission? Easy, he insists. ‘As long as we stick to the truth, we’re in good shape.’

    The film is yet to be cast and is set to start shooting on 30 October.

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