Lily Allen: Cleaning up my life

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  • Lily: I'm clean and sober

    Lily Allen is mostly known for her wild partying, foul language and for slagging off other pops stars, but now she’s revealed that she’s determined to clean her life up.

    ‘If you’d come to my place six months ago or two years ago, I wouldn’t probably be up by now (at 11am),’ she admits.

    ‘There would have been empty vodka bottles everywhere, drugs, whatever. If you think, when all this happened I was 21. Becoming famous is all a bit scary and weird and I had no idea how to handle it.

    ‘On the one hand, it’s great – you get all this free stuff and party invites… and then on the other, I couldn’t even stay at my nan’s funeral to pay my respects because there were photographers all over the place. And God, I loved my nan,’ she told Live magazine.

    ‘So much is written about you, and you look at it all with these photographs, and you think: “Everyone must think I’m a total t**t.” I don’t ever think I’m any different to anyone else. But suddenly I’m this cartoon of a party girl. If I didn’t know me I’d think I was a t**t, too.

    ‘So you go out and you get off your head. You get invited to parties and there’s free drink and drugs. Well you do, don’t you? What other 21-year-old wouldn’t do that?’

    The star also revealed that she found unkind press coverage hard to cope with.

    ‘Then you wake up and people are calling you ugly and fat and saying what a state you are. You have to deal with that or you can deal with it by just trying not to deal with it.

    ‘And then something much bigger than all of it happens. At some stage the axe is going to fall. When I had my miscarriage I didn’t even know what I was going through, and I’m there and I have to put out a press release to say I was losing my baby. I didn’t deal with any of that at all. I just went out.’

    But that’s all behind her and now Lily is enjoying being clean and sober as well as focusing on her new album, It’s Not Me, It’s You.

    ‘I have to have something to do,’ she says. ‘I need to work. I need to be busy. What terrifies me is having nothing to do. I was terrified after my first album because I didn’t know what was happening. I didn’t know when the second album was going to work out. It does literally terrify me. That’s what gets me into trouble. I’m so terrified I need to numb my mind. It’s what I do.’

    Having said all that, the Smile singer says she’s realistic enough to know that drink and drugs aren’t totally a thing of the past.

    ‘I’m not saying never. People take drugs because life can be dull. We shouldn’t put drugs on a pedestal. Lots of people take drugs and then get up and work. You can never say never, just not now.’

    Keep up the good work Lily!



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