Kanye West arrested after airport scuffle

Rap star Kanye West accused of vandalism after scuffle with photographers at airport

Rap star Kanye West has been arrested on suspicion of vandalism after a £6,000 camera was smashed during a scuffle with photographers at Los Angeles International Airport.

West’s manager Don Crowley was also taken into custody after he allegedly grabbed a television camera and threw it to the ground, according to a cameraman who witnessed the incident.

A spokesman for Los Angeles airport said Mr Crowley may face a possible charge of battery after the incident early yesterday morning.

The pair had been on their way to board a flight to Hawaii and had not yet reached a security checkpoint when a photographer apparently tried to take a photo of the star.

According to celebrity website TMZ, whose cameraman was involved in the incident and filmed most of it, West rushed towards the photographer and grabbed the camera.

A struggle followed and 31-year-old West allegedly took the camera and threw it to the ground. The pair were released on bail.

Blogging about the incident today after finally reaching Hawaii, Kanye said: ‘We back in the lab!!! I’m cool with the paparazzi. This guy wasn’t cool. I gotta work now…I’ll rant later!’

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