Jamie Oliver’s US reality show

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  • Jamie Oliver set to become judge on US reality TV

    Jamie Oliver is set to become the new British ‘Mr Nice’ of US reality TV.

    The health-conscious chef is set to guest-star on Oprah Winfrey’s new show, The Big Give, where ten contestants – including a beauty queen – are given cash each week to help each other.

    The more good they do, the more likely they are to win the $1 million cash prize at the end of the show. Charity cases include a mum whose husband was killed by robbers.

    But, unlike American Idol’s British ‘Mr Nasty’, Simon Cowell, Jamie, picked for his proven charity-championing track record (his Fifteen restaurant helped problem youths, and Jamie’s School Dinners sparked an overhaul of school menus) will be nothing but nice to the contestants.

    Oprah said: ‘He’ll help me make the biggest giver the biggest winner of all.’

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