Jamie Oliver’s US reality show

Jamie Oliver set to become judge on US reality TV

Jamie Oliver is set to become the new British ‘Mr Nice’ of US reality TV.

The health-conscious chef is set to guest-star on Oprah Winfrey’s new show, The Big Give, where ten contestants – including a beauty queen – are given cash each week to help each other.

The more good they do, the more likely they are to win the $1 million cash prize at the end of the show. Charity cases include a mum whose husband was killed by robbers.

But, unlike American Idol’s British ‘Mr Nasty’, Simon Cowell, Jamie, picked for his proven charity-championing track record (his Fifteen restaurant helped problem youths, and Jamie’s School Dinners sparked an overhaul of school menus) will be nothing but nice to the contestants.

Oprah said: ‘He’ll help me make the biggest giver the biggest winner of all.’

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