Heather Mills ‘set up’ by reporters

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  • The ex-wife of Beatle Paul McCartney claims she's the victim of a tabloid sting

    Heather Mills, ex-wife of Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, claims she was set up by reporters trying to gain an insight into her former marriage.

    Heather says she was contacted in January by a charity called Marital Understanding to speak at a black tie gala in Los Angeles.

    But she became suspicious when she saw the website for the charity ended in .com rather than .org – the usual web address for charities.

    Investigations carried out by the ex-wife of Paul McCartney and her agent revealed the website had only been created two days before she was contacted.

    Heather also examined emails from the charity and found the IP address – the ‘address’ of any computer using the internet – belonged to News Corporation.

    News Corp is the parent company for many media outlets including The Sun, The Times and Sky news.

    Using this information, Heather decided she had in fact been contacted by a reporter from News Corp who was trying to get her to divulge secrets about her former marriage, reports ABC news.

    When she called a representative from the charity, they could not answer her questions including queries over a missing charity registration number.

    Heather has now reported the incident to the Metropolitan Police who say they are deciding whether to pursue the matter.

    ‘I hope the police look into this case seriously,’ Heather told ABC. ‘It’s one thing to report the news, but a wholly different matter to try to create news by attempting a sting like this.’

    Heather has frequently complained to the Press Complaints Commission over stories about her in the media.

    In 2007, she said she was treated ‘worse than a paedophile‘ by the press.


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