George Clooney will return to Darfur

George Clooney to make second trip to Sudan

George Clooney is set to make a second trip to Darfur to raise further awareness in the war-torn region of Sudan.

The actor will return to the African country next month, hoping his celebrity status will put the region’s problems into the global spotlight and draw attention to the horrific conditions in the area.

Speaking about his forthcoming trip, the 46-year-old actor said: ‘I’m not a politician, so the reason I go is to focus attention there. We’re going to try to get deeper into Darfur, try to get some cameras in to the tougher camps and have conversations. That’s basically all I can do.’

He added: ‘If you put famous people in front of very ugly sites, people will watch.’

Last year Clooney travelled to Darfur with his father – a former U.S news anchor. The pair filmed a short documentary focused on the appalling conditions in refugee camps.

The A-lister says he feels it is the least he can do to help raise awareness in the region and admits it’s a humbling experience. ‘It certainly reminds you to be ridiculously happy with your life. Once you see people suffering in the way these people are suffering, you feel very guilty about not suffering at all.’

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