George Clooney criticism of Hollywood

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  • George Clooney criticises Hollywood saying they don't make films like they used to

    George Clooney has had a pop at the Hollywood film industry saying the golden age of cinema is dead.

    The Oscar-winner claimed film studios were making ten cinema ‘masterpieces’ a year during the 1960s and 1970s, showing up today’s movies as lacking cutting edge ambition.

    Clooney also made clear his feelings on computer-generated imagery and visual pyrotechnics used in today’s film-making, saying there’s no substitute for a good story.

    The 46-year-old said he sees the golden age of movie making between 1964 and 1976 when directors like Stanley Kubrick, Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese challenged traditional film making.

    ‘It’s 12 years and you could find ten films a year that are masterpieces,’ the actor told the Radio Times. ‘They don’t make those films anymore. You couldn’t come near making those films.’

    Clooney feels so strongly about this period of filmmaking he gave each of his friends a gift of 100 DVDs from his favourite 12-year golden period, including classics like Dr Strangelove and The Spy Who Came in From The Cold.

    In the same interview the star also spoke out about his political standpoint revealing he is supporting Barack Obama for the US Democratic nomination. However, Clooney recognised that there is a time for actors to ‘shut up’.

    ‘What I’ve said about Barack is I support him, I’ll do fundraisers for him but if at any point it’s better for me to stay away, I’ll stay away.’

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