David Letterman gives Paris Hilton grilling over jail

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  • David Letterman makes Paris Hilton squirm with barrage of questions about jail

    US talk show host David Letterman made Paris Hilton squirm in her seat when he fired a six-minute barrage of jail questions at her.

    After the cursory pleasantries, Letterman started off on his jail-related tangent by abruptly asking, ‘Uh, how’d you like being in jail?’ Members of the audience gasped and laughed as Paris paused for a few seconds before replying, ‘Not too much’.

    Letterman pushed on. ‘Tell us now looking back on that experience, what have we learned? What can you tell us?’ Hilton shifted in her seat before answering, ‘Well, obviously it was a very traumatic experience, but I did it, so I feel like I can do anything now’.

    Despite her less-than-enthusiastic answers, Letterman wasn’t put off. After revealing that dinner inside was usually ‘jail mystery meat’, Letterman pushed Paris even firther. ‘So what was it you did? Do you know what you did?’ Obviously uncomfortable, Hilton stared at Letterman and laughed nervously. ‘It was something about driving with an invalid license, wasn’t it?’ Letterman said. ‘Yeah,’ Hilton answered.

    Paris, who was actually on the show to promote her new fragrance Can-Can and upcoming movie, Repo! The Genetic Opera, finally tired of Letterman’s tirade and snapped. ‘I don’t really want to talk about it anymore’. But Letteman replied, ‘This is where you and I are different. Because this is all I want to talk about.’

    Holding her own, Paris put her foot down and insisted, ‘There’s other stuff to talk about Dave. I didn’t come here to talk about this. That was a long time ago.’

    Finally, after pushing Paris to the limit and making her ‘sad that I came here’, Letterman tried to make amends by offering to buy the socialite a parakeet.

    Probably too little, too late, Dave.

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