Women spend £37 million a year on beauty pills

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  • We spend £37 million a year on beauty pills in pursuit of perfect body

    Women will spend £37 million on ‘beauty pills’ this year to improve their appearance, which is twice the amount they spent just five years ago.

    We are digging deep into our pockets and forking out for a variety of lotions and potions claiming to make hair glossy, nails stronger, busts bigger and prevent lines and wrinkles.

    With promises of exotic ingredients like extract of bark and protein taken from sea creatures, the pricey pills are challenging existing beauty products on the market such as moisturisers and hair conditioners.

    However some experts have refuted the promises of beauty perfection saying women have a better chance of improving their bodies by eating well, staying out of the sun and not smoking.

    One top-selling pill and favourite of Naomi Campbell, which is said to improve skin is Imedeen retailing at £81.50 for 180 tablets.

    The predicted spending in 2007 of £37 million is up 130% in five years.

    Research from market researchers Mintel found that almost one third of the population – mostly women and young girls – had used beauty supplements or would consider using them.

    A Mintel spokeswoman said: ‘An increasingly ageist society has helped to grow demand for products that tout anti-ageing benefits.’

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