How to deal with thigh chafing now that the summer is (finally) here

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  • Because the inner-thigh rub is real. And it hurts.

    Summer is finally coming and now that it’s actually warming up there’s no excuse not to add some of these game-changing summer dresses to your sartorial wish list. From those sizzling off-the-shoulder numbers to gorgeous floral dresses, our wardrobes are so prepared for the British heatwave.

    While we get excited about the prospect of sashaying in the sunshine during our lunch hour, we are far less amused by that itchy side effect of hot weather – thigh chafing.

    Oh yes. When the temperature soars and you’ve ditched your jeans in place of an easy breezy summer dress there’s no getting away from it. It’s itchy, it’s sore, it can leave you with red raw patches between your legs – and it’s not pleasant. Waddling might relieve it for a bit, as can subtly trying to tuck your dress between your legs and hoping no one notices.

    But if you’re not keen on wincing as you slow walk home, then here’s how to avoid thigh chafing forever.

    What is thigh chafing?

    Thigh chafing is the result of the skin between your legs consistently rubbing, which can cause irritation. During the hotter months, we sweat more and therefore it makes the friction between your thighs even worse. Some people experience some slight discomfort, others find they get rashes, but the repeated rub can also cause the skin to break and make it feel painfully raw.

    How to stop thigh chafing

    There are a few foolproof ways to prevent thigh chafing, most commonly in the form of either a cream, balm, or a garment that acts as a barrier. So there’s no need to bin all your summer dresses just yet.

    Anti-chafing cream

    One of the best ways to prevent thigh chafing is to apply a cream or ointment between your legs before you head out. Any creams, gels or balms that offer lubrication will reduce the friction and also soothe the skin.

    Try Bepanthen, a well-known nappy rash cream. It’s an ointment that’s created for babies (so you know it’s super soft and gentle), and it works to reduce and recover irritated skin. It contains no fragrance or preservatives and creates a moisturising barrier between the rubbing skin. You only need a dab of it on the chafing hotspots in the morning and it will protect you all day, so a small tube should see you through the summer.

    thigh chafing

    Bepanthen, £3.30 for 30g – Boots

    Anti-chafing balm

    If you’re looking for a stick that quite literally glides on and protects your thighs all day, give the Body Glide Unisex Body Original Anti Chafe Balm Stick a go. While it is a little pricey compared to Bepanthen, it does provide protection from the dreaded rubbing and doesn’t need to be reapplied during the day. No matter how sweaty and clammy you get, the balm will keep chafing at bay and is made with allergen free, plant-derived ingredients. It also doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and you don’t have to wait for it to dry – just glide and go.

    thigh chafing

    Body Glide Unisex Body Original Anti Chafe Balm Stick, £17.49 for 22g – Amazon

    Anti-chafing bands

    If creams or balms aren’t your thing, then fear not – there are a couple of different items you can wear under your dress or skirt that will keep the skin separated and no one will be any the wiser.

    These anti chafing shorts will act as a thigh barrier, leaving chafing at the door. They include cool comfort technology which will keep you feeling fresh and free all day. They come in three colours – black, white and almond – and are a bargain at only £12 a pair.

    thigh chafing

    Anti-Chafing Shorts with Cool Comfort, £12 – M&S

    If you’re looking for a thigh barrier alternative, you could also get a pair of regular tights and cut them at the knee. You’ll end up with breathable and light tights-shorts that you can wear under your clothes.

    How to heal thigh chafing fast

    First you need to make sure you gently clean the area with water and ensure it’s dry before applying any products to the affected skin to reduce risk of infection if the skin is broken.

    You can use Bepanthen to heal thigh chafing quickly, as it is full of pro-vitamin B5 which helps recover irritated or sore skin. You can also use a soothing aloe vera gel, or if you prefer a homemade remedy then soaked and refrigerated chamomile tea bags reportedly do the trick.

    So there you have it – your legs need never give you summer-induced pain again.

    Thigh chafing? More like BYE chafing.

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