Snore health warning

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  • Could your partner's snoring habits be driving you to an early grave?

    Could your partner’s snoring habits be driving you to an early grave?

    New research claims being in bed with someone who snores, even if you’re asleep at the time, could cause serious long-term health problems.

    According to scientists behind the latest study, an individual’s blood pressure is raised in response to noises during the night, whether they’re sleeping or awake, and with high blood pressure often to blame for heart and kidney diseases, as well as strokes and dementia, they’re warning people not to simply discount snoring as a pesky annoyance.

    However, while snoring rarely goes above 90 decibels, more serious worries could come for those who live in flight paths, who may be subject to louder night-time noises.

    ‘Noise from air traffic can be a source of irritation, but it can also be damaging for people’s health,’ said Dr Lars Jarup, one of the study’s authors from Imperial College London.

    Urging people to take measures to muffle these sounds, he added: ‘Our studies show that night-time aircraft noise can affect your blood pressure instantly and increase the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure).’

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