Scientists develop cure for common cold

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  • Could a new wonder drug beat the common cold?

    Scientists in Australia say they have created a breakthrough pill which can treat the common cold.

    The most annoying of winter ailments, it appears scientists have developed a new drug to beat a bunged up nose.

    British volunteers have started testing the new drug from today, which promises to clear runny noses and sore throats within hours, as well as stop life-threatening infections in asthma and cystic-fibrosis sufferers.

    The results of the testing will be give next April and if the medication proves a success, the wonder drug could be on the market within five years.

    The drug, called BTA798, works by attaching itself to the cold-causing rhinovirus, stopping it from breaking into the body’s cells.

    Peter Cook, Chief Executive of drug development company Biota commented: ‘This could be the world’s first anti-viral treatment for the human rhinovirus. A safe and effective treatment for the virus will be a major breakthrough.’

    The drug could be taken to prevent a cold as well as treating it. Scientists have battled to find a cure for the common cold for years but have been stumped by how many strains of the virus exist. BTA798 is thought to be able to fight various strains of the virus.

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