No such thing as a sweet tooth

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  • Why there's no such thing as a sweet tooth

    Our love for chocolate, cakes and ice-cream is apparently nothing to do with how sweet treats taste, making the excuse of having a sweet tooth totally defunct.

    According to scientists, our penchant for sugary food may not be connected to our taste buds at all. A U.S study has revealed it is actually the human brain that ‘senses’ such foods are high in calories and ‘rewards’ people by releasing hormones to make them feel happier.

    Scientists say that the new study could help in combating obesity in the UK, affecting one in four people.

    If experts are able to understand why food high in calories triggers this response in the brain, they may unlock the secret to ‘turning off’ the satisfied feeling we get from scoffing chocolate.

    Lead researched, Ivan E De Araugo explained they had identified a ‘calorie-sensing’ system in the brain which could be ‘extremely important’ to understanding human obesity.

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