New Penny Pincher’s Book tells how to be green for less

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  • Want tips on how to be green on a budget? The Penny Pincher's Book reveals all

    Ever thought about putting your tights in the freezer to make them last longer? It might sound a bit odd, but it’ll save you money – and help save the planet.

    Just one tip of hundreds from new economising guide The Penny Pincher’s Book, authors John and Irma Mustoe believe being stingy equals being green.

    The money-saving experts also suggest cutting brylo pads, scourers, dusters and sponges in half makes them go twice as far, and keeping your freezer full is a better use of energy as it takes the same amount to run a half-empty one.

    And, for the seriously savvy savers, when unwanted letters include prepaid envelopes, turning them inside out and re-gluing the edges means they can be used again.

    Mr Mustoe told the Metro: ‘The key to happiness is not how much money we earn, but how much we spend relative to what we earn.

    ‘Whether you save hundreds of pounds or just a few pounds with the tips in the book, make sure you spend it on whatever gives you pleasure and makes life more satisfying.

    ‘Penny-pinching is not about being a miserly skinflint but a way of life concerned with the world around us. Controlling your money will lessen your demands on the resources of the world.’

    The Penny Pincher’s Book is on sale now for £7.99.

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