Hurrah! Fatty foods = weight loss

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  • Brilliant new diet: Eat fatty foods to lose weight

    Forget celery sticks and salads: the best way to lose weight is to indulge in fatty foods and alcohol, according to a new diet sensation sweeping the States.

    Stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Sharon Stone and Teri Hatcher are following New York nutritionist Esther Blum’s advice that filling up on fatty foods actually aids weight loss.

    SJP is reportedly keen on Blum’s advice to kick-start the day with a vegetable omelette and strawberries; Sharon Stone has allegedly ditched her egg-white diet in favour of Blum’s suggestion to munch on butter and egg yolks; and famously thin Teri Hatcher is also eschewing fat-free food for a diet rich in saturated oils.

    Why? Esther explains: ‘We should all be eating full-fat food. Fat-free foods can contribute to weight gain because they register in the body as a carbohydrate. They also have less vitamin D.

    ‘Egg yolks contain more protein than the white, as well as lecithin and choline, which help the liver break down and metabolise cholesterol.’

    She adds: ‘Saturated fats support bones, protect the liver, enhance the immune system, and absorb omega-3s. In moderation, they don’t cause heart disease but slow down the absorption of foods in your stomach, making you feel fuller for longer.’

    Along with packing in a vegetable omelette for brekkie, Blum also suggests detoxing regularly with beetroot and carrots, and eating wild Alaskan salmon three times a week.

    ‘This is your facelift in your fridge; your internal plastic surgeon. Wild salmon gives contours to your face and body by stimulating muscles.’

    Not only that, we’re also not expected to be teetotal in order to beat the bloat.

    Instead, Blum suggests, skip mixers and sip on straight spirits. ‘Don’t slam down shots, but sipping whisky or vodka on the rocks means avoiding a whole lot of sugar,’ she says.

    Described as a ‘diet book for real people’, Blum’s Secrets of Gorgeous: Hundreds of Ways to Live Well While Living It Up, is not only a hit with the stars, but it’s also a winner with the American Dietetic Association.

    And if it’s it good enough for them, it’s good enought for us!

    It certainly puts a new spin on that New Year’s resolution diet we were going to do.



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