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  • The lazy girl's route to a better bottom

    With the warm weather upon us, there’s even more incentive to start toning up, unfortunately my new-me regime has been on hold for the past two weeks after my neck totally seized up, leaving me with the physical capability of a Red Dwarf extra.

    Thankfully, I have an osteopath in the family so am now back on the mend and there’s no excuse for not exercising.

    However, despite not being able to jog or cycle, I have still been able to work out, albeit in a slightly gentler manner, thanks to my new Chung Shi trainers.

    Fitted with a reflexology bar in the centre of the shoe and a curved sole, they’re designed to ‘improve your core stability’, a.k.a. make you stand up properly and, in doing so, work all those muscles that usually get neglected.

    I know what you’re thinking: ‘Aren’t they the same as those MBT trainers everyone was wearing last year?’

    Well, yes and no. I have tried both (in the name of research I actually stood in the centre of my sister’s living room with one on each foot) and they do feel very different; the sole on each is manufactured quite uniquely.

    But the idea is the same: just by walking around normally, your bottom, legs and stomach muscles get a mini workout.

    If I wasn’t totally convinced they’d actually do anything, a walk down the steps at my nearest tube station (when I very nearly fell over) and then 30 minutes attempting to stand upright as the tube itself wobbled me all the way home, means I’m definitely sold on the idea your body has to work harder when you’re wearing them than normal.

    Make no mistake though, despite the best design efforts, they do still look much more chunky than your regular trainers, but when it comes to no-exercise exercise, these are a lazy girl’s dream.

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