Being married can help fight cancer

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  • Married people are more likely to survive cancer

    A study in the US reveals that married people have a higher chance of surviving cancer, whereas those going through a break-up are least likely to beat the disease.

    According to BBC News, researchers at Indiana University examined data on 3.8 million people diagnosed cancer between 1973 and 2004. Results showed that married people had a 63% chance of surviving five years, compared with 45% for those who were separated.

    Scientists suggested that the stress of a break-up has a negative impact on survival rates, whereas having the love and support of a partner is beneficial in fighting the disease.

    Dr Gwen Sprehn, lead researcher of the study, said: ‘Patients who are going through separation at the time of diagnosis may be a particularly vulnerable population for whom intervention could be prioritised.’

    But Martin Ledwick, head information nurse at Cancer Research UK, told BBC news: ‘There could be many reasons why those who were separated were less likely to survive cancer in this study.’

    He added, ‘The most important factors, which will increase people’s chance of surviving cancer, are being symptom aware and presenting to the doctor as early as possible and attending their treatment for the disease.’


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