Advances in laser eye surgery will offer perfect vision

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  • New laser eye surgery will offer perfect vision to more people than ever

    NEW ADVANCES IN laser eye surgery could bring perfect vision to more people than ever before. Whereas previously the procedure had a number of possible side effects such as problems with night vision, dry eyes and blurred vision, the new techniques could help eliminate negative effects. The innovative new technology will also allow the treatment to be customised to the individual, where previously everyone would have the same treatment.

    The new system will first scan the eye using iris recognition techniques, and the surgeon will be able to assess the type of treatment most suitable for the patient, hopefully eliminating any that may cause side effects.

    A study with the new system, developed by Bausch & Lomb, tested the procedure on 40 patients. After six months 96% of the participants had 20/20 or 6/6 vision, completely restored. Sight is not only restored with the new method, but is fixed to almost perfect or perfect levels for most.

    Speaking to The Times, eye surgeon Dr Sheraz Daya commented that the technique was already allowing him to treat 25% more patients at Moorefields Eye Hospital in London. He added, ‘The quest for perfect vision is almost over.’

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