You won’t believe how much Mariah Carey’s voice is worth


She’s without doubt one of the most famous pop divas of all time, appearing on a Christmas edition of Carpool Karaoke last year. But have you ever considered how much Mariah Carey is worth? Or, more specifically, her voice?

Thanks to a recent report from TMZ, we now have a pretty good idea. And it’s a helluva lot, people.

Apparently, Mariah has just spent a whopping $35 million insuring those amazing vocal chords and according to TMZ, she’s spent the same amount insuring her legs as well.

She’s not the first star to insure body parts, though – according to The Sun, Heidi Klum has also insured her legs, while J-Lo’s buttocks are worth a cool £18.1 million.

It’s worth noting that Mariah’s legs are pretty famous – according to The Mail, Gillette awarded the star a ‘Legs of a Goddess’ award in 2006 in honour of her perfect pins.

Who knew they were worth millions and millions of pounds, though?

You’ll never listen to All I Want For Christmas is You in the same way again.

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