Nigella Lawson poses naked

Nigella Lawson: 'If I was going to go for someone smooth, I may as well be a lesbian.'

Nigella Lawson has posed naked save for a few artfully arranged strips of tinfoil in a raunchy men’s magazine shoot.

The 47-year-old TV chef was on saucy form for the accompanying interview with Esquire magazine in which she confessed to a penchant for hairy men, chocolate and suspenders.

‘I like an animal. Hairy back, hairy everywhere,’ she said. ‘I don’t understand why a woman would want to be with a hairless man. If I was going to go for someone smooth, I may as well be a lesbian.’

Despite her love of sinful snacks, Nigella promised she couldn’t choose food over sex, but also doesn’t like mixing the two. ‘If anyone chose chocolate over sex then I’d say they have a serious problem. I’m greedy. I think one should be allowed everything. Why should you be made to choose one over the other?
‘I’ve never understood that whole dripping chocolate on someone. I can see how if you’re with someone you’re not particularly interested in, then using food as a prop might help. But food with sex just doesn’t do it for me.’

As for dressing up in the bedroom, well, that’s a different matter. ‘Stockings never fail to make you feel sexy,’ she continued. ‘I like hold-ups, but the problem is if you’ve got too much meat at the top, you get a bulge there. So I often wear those over-the-knee French schoolgirl socks.

‘But I know men like the whole strappy thing of suspenders, so I’ll wear them. In fact, thinking about it, I’ve actually worn them with nothing but a pair of shoes in bed before.’

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