J-Lo hires bodyguards for twins

Jennifer Lopez hires six bodyguards to watch her twins

Jennifer Lopez is so protective of her newborn twins that she has hired bodyguards to fend off potential kidnappers.

The singer – who recently named the fraternal twins Max and Emmie – has reportedly hired six new bodyguards to watch the newborns around the clock.

Her diva ways continue with further reports Jennifer and husband Marc Anthony have installed CCTV cameras in every room of their home.

And if that weren’t enough, the pair have also hired two nannies for eight-hour shifts, caring for the newborns.

Clearly money is no object for the 38-year-old, whose latest security additions cost a cool $600,000.

The neuroses stretch even further with news that Jennifer has purchased ‘a lifetime supply’ of surgical masks for anyone who comes into contact with her precious ones.

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