Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's relationship is 'more platonic than romantic' according to body language expert

"If the couple is having relationship difficulties, then it makes sense."

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez body language
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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been at the centre of divorce rumours for weeks now, with claims that Ben has 'checked out of their marriage' and is no longer living in their $60 million mega mansion. The couple had not been seen together in public since March, and J-Lo surprised many by attending the Met Gala last month without her husband. But in the wake of the growing break-up speculation the pair have been photographed in LA with Ben attempting to quiet chatter about their relationship by wearing his wedding ring once again, and J-Lo offering a curt response to a reporter who openly asked her about the divorce rumours.

Last week, J-Lo also cancelled her This Is Me... Live tour this summer - with the star releasing a statement saying that she would be 'taking time off to be with her children, family and close friends' - and this weekend she was spotted with Ben once again in LA, attending his son Samuel's basketball game. They arrived separately, and pictures of them greeting each other with a conservative kiss on the cheek instantly hit the headlines; while some fans believe that the formal greeting gives weight to the split rumours, others have argued that there's no truth to them considering that the couple is spending time together.

However, body language expert Blanca Cobb has since claimed that the 'vibe between Ben and Jen is cordial'. In an interview with Fox News Digital, she said: "It's a kiss on the cheek, like when you see a friend. Even his stance, the way his body is angled, is more platonic than romantic. And his feet are in a runner's pose, as if he's there for a few seconds before he moves on."

Continuing to share her thoughts on the images, Cobb added: "If the couple is having relationship difficulties, then it makes sense. When you love someone, and you're going through a hard time, you might show reserved affection."

Neither Ben nor J-Lo has publicly commented on the rumours, but Jennifer is reportedly 'sad' yet 'relived' that she is no longer committing to her tour. A source told People: "Life is a lot right now. As sad as she was to cancel the tour, she’s also relieved. She needs to take care of herself. The decision was something that her team encouraged," the source adds. "Everyone is supportive of her focusing on family right now."

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