J-Lo hires baby masseuse

J-Lo splashes out on baby masseuse

Jennifer Lopez’s new baby twins, Max and Emme, are, at a few weeks old, already getting used to living life in the lap of luxury.

Their glamorous mum has reportedly hired a professional baby massage therapist to ensure her tots are as comfortable as possible.

A source told the New York Post: ‘She has hired a professional baby masseuse to come in one or twice a week.

‘Jennifer has gone all-out to give the twins an amazing childhood. She hired a colour therapist to paint the nursery a beautiful aquamarine and light blue – colors which are supposed to have intelligence-boosting properties….She listened to classical music all through her pregnancy and is now having music piped through to the nursery to help relax the babies.’

A word of warning, Jen: don’t spoil them too much!

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