Dinner for two, literally, at Italian eaterie

The restaurant that takes reservations for two - literally

Looking for the ultimate romantic night out? Then it might be time to jet over to the Tete-a-Tete restaurant in Rome, where you can woo to your heart’s content in a restaurant designed solely for two.

Undoubtedly the last word in romantic gestures, the Tete-a-Tete takes reservations for just two people per night and gives you a choice of tables from a lush garden spot to gazing at one another poolside.

Nestled in the Veio Park at a sumptuous villa in Rome, diners can choose from a varying, seasonal menu, or if you fancy yourself as something of a chef, the restaurant offers the option to create your own personalised menu.

If it happens to be a particularly special occasion and rings on fingers are a possibility, then add to the atmosphere (or lack of!) with a concert for two, firework display and arrival at the villa by helicopter or limousine.

So if Quantum of Solace fills you with inspiration this week, then hurry along, make like Bond and book up now.

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