Vitamin pills dyed with harmful additives

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  • Sanatogen vitamins dyed with dangerous additives

    Sanatogen, Britain’s best-selling vitamin pill, is dyed with artificial colours which can harm children, according to a study by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

    Sanatogen Gold contains two colours – sunset yellow and quinoline yellow – according to the study, which can cause rashes and hyperactivity in children.

    Another vitamin pill, Sanatogen’s Kids A to Z Strawberry Flavour vitamins are also thought to contain a dubious additive called Ponceau 4R.

    Many customers may be unaware of the additives because they are listed in small print in the midst of a long list of ingredients and do not their E-numbers.

    Sanatogen has reacted by stating on its website that the artificial colours are present in its vitamins but says they are ‘non-allergenic’.

    However, EU guidelines state that if medicine contains any of these colours, it must include the warning: ‘May cause allergies’. Both Ponceau 4R and quinoline are known to cause skin conditions such as hives and eczema and are banned in the US.

    The FSA has now called for a full ban on six additives, including the three used by Sanatogen.

    The vitamin company, who has sales of £40 million, failed to comment.

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