There’s officially no cure for a hangover

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  • Drink at your peril - there's officially no cure for hangovers

    Some try the traditional fry-up, others swear by the hair of the dog, while most swig down a couple of aspirin and hope for the best, but it’s all to no avail as two US scientists have claimed there is no cure for a hangover – bad news for Christmas revellers everywhere.

    The myth that we can alleviate the excesses from the night before is just one of six folk tales that rear their heads at Christmas and which two scientists have cited at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

    Other old wives tales that actually hold no water whatsoever include the idea that sugar makes children hyperactive, that midnight snacks make you fat, and that a hat is essential in cold weather as you lose half your body heat through your head.

    Professor Rachel Vreeman at the University took it upon herself to dispel the myths, publishing the details in the British Medical Journal.

    Last year alone, Vreeman disproved the ‘eight glasses of water a day‘ theory, the ‘we only use 10% of our brains’ concept and that hair and fingernails do not grow after death.

    Of her scientific experiments Prof Vreeman said: ‘In the pursuit of scientific truth, even widely held medical beliefs require examination or re- examination. Both physicians and non-physicians sometimes believe things about our bodies that just are not true.’


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